Sky - Album ArtThis recording, Douglas’ first for Tala Records, is a major departure from his vast collection on the Hearts of Space label. Here, Douglas offers up some of his own jazz, funk and world beat influences, while still remaining compositionally rooted in the Western classical tradition. This eclectic set is fusion music at its best.

In this unique recording, the soulful sounds of Indian tabla merge seamlessly with the uplifting melodies of the piano and the deep groove of bass and drum. From lyrical ballads to world groove to J.S. Bach, this unique collaboration traverses a diverse soundscape which touches the spirit of creativity. In addition to the compositional and piano genius of Douglas, the recording includes the rich and heartfelt tabla playing of Ty Burhoe. They are joined by the brilliant bass playing of Kai Eckhardt and the prolific talent of Steve Smith on drum set.

From the African-influenced, groove-based “Jubilation” to the smoothly syncopated Latin gem, “Rio”, this record has something for everyone. It even includes a grooving, modern rap-style number, paying homage to the Indian classical tradition with Douglas’s signature Vocal Rhythm Etudes, compositions he created to help his students learn modern rhythms. It’s in the minimalistic “Tara” however, that Douglas’ brilliance really shines. The musicians interpret one his most well-known lyrical pieces, the bass and tabla adding depth and groove to this blues form beauty.

Designed by Grammy Award winning designer, Christian Calabro, the book format packaging itself is a piece of art.