Thanks for visiting my website. If you are viewing this on a mobile device, please scroll down to listen to some of my music. Songs of mine may also be heard on my album pages. Check out the videos (more to come soon). All of my CDs can now be heard on Apple Music and Spotify. My Vocal Rhythm Etudes are now published. Sheet music for ‘Deep Peace’, ‘Heaven in A Wild Flower’, ‘The Cloud’, ‘Willow Song’, ‘Sweet Rain’, ‘Forest Hymn’, ‘Angelico’,’Irish Lullaby’, ‘O Earth, O Earth Return’, ‘Flow Gently, Sweet Afton’, ‘A Place Called Morning’, ‘The Voices of Children’, ‘Red Rose, Sad Rose’, ‘Piping down the Valleys Wild’, and many other songs is now available. Check out the ‘Printed Music’ page.

I recently recorded a new solo piano album called ‘Quiet Moon’. It will be released on January 18, 2019. It is my first album in 13 years. The printed music for the 14 original compositions on the album is already published by Really Good Music .